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Salt Lake City Crime Scene Clean Up

Salt Lake City Crime Scene Clean Up

Suicide Clean Up | Blood Clean Up | Crime Scene Clean Up

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Crime Scene Cleanup Salt Lake City

Suicide Clean Up
Salt Lake City

Suicides in Salt Lake City and all of Utah are increasing at an alarming rate annually, leaving loved ones, family members, and friends overwhelmed and in shock. According to the data on World Life Expectancy, there are over 600 suicides annually in Utah! That's over 1.68 per day, a devastating statistic to say the least. When you factor in thousands of attempted suicides that occur each year throughout Utah, families are facing tragedy every day. Making these situations even worse, the family members are typically left to clean up the remains. Once the coroner and police finish their investigation, they leave, and the family must deal with it themselves of find a company like us to help them through it.

If you are left with the overwhelming task of a suicide clean up in Salt Lake City Utah, or any surrounding communities of the Wasatch region, contact our caring and discreet team at Steri-Clean Utah to provide you with our affordable cleanup services. We provide free estimates, discreet service, and can often bill your insurance for our services.

Steri-Clean Utah is available to respond 24 hours a day to suicide cleanup and blood cleanup in all areas of Utah. Our 24 hour live helpline can be reached by calling toll free (888) 577-7206, or local (801) 386-9010.

You should never be left to deal with this alone and with Steri-Clean Utah close by, you never will be.

Death Cleanup Salt Lake City Utah

Undiscovered Death
Salt Lake City

In Utah, and across the nation, there is a dramatic increase in undiscovered deaths each year, due mainly because of our improving healthcare. Our elderly population is living much longer the last generation, and much more independently. By living alone, people may not have regular visitors or people checking on them so when they die, they are not discovered for days, weeks, or even longer.

Steri-Clean Central Utah responds to calls for human decomposition cleanup and undiscovered death clean up more than any other call. So just how quickly can a cleanup be required after a natural death? Depending on temperature and humidity, typically a body will begin the decomposition process within 24 to 48 hours. During certain months, the warmer temperatures and higher humidity can increase the speed of this process significantly which increases the damage to homes dramatically. After a couple days of the decomposition process, fluids will have left the body and absorbed into any items around the body. The cleaning of an undiscovered death scene should only be performed by trained professionals. The removal of fluids from decomposition along with the associated odor is no easy task and the infectious waste collected must be packaged and disposed of properly and legally.

Our staff is ready to assist you day or night, anywhere in Salt Lake City, and all of central to northern Utah. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with questions, estimates, or services requests toll free at 888-577-7206 or local (801) 386-9010

Crime Scene Clean Up Salt Lake City Utah

Crime Scene Clean Up
Salt Lake City

Steri-Clean Utah quickly responds to help cleanup scenes involving traumatic accidents, crime scenes, and accidents. The staff at Steri-Clean Utah is highly trained in biohazard mitigation to reduce the danger of exposure to bloodborne illnesses and communicable diseases like Hepatitis, HIV, and TB. Many viruses and bacteria found in human blood and bodily fluids can often live outside the body lengthy periods of time, even weeks, in the right environment, potentially exposing unsusepcting family members, and friends that try to clean up the dangerous scene.

When a family member, friend, or untrained employee cleans up a crime scene, they are potentially exposing themselves to these deadly pathogens, as well as furthering the terrible emotional trauma they are already going through. Blood cleanup, crime scene cleanup, or any bodily fluid/biohazard cleanup should never be performed by friends, family, or other person that has not been trained in bloodborne pathogens, and proper disinfection/decontamination procedures. By law, nobody can legally clean a crime scene without being trained and offered vaccines, if they are being paid. The legal disposal of biohazardous waste must be performed to prevent even further spread of infectious waste into our local Utah landfills.

If you need affordable, professional and discreet crime scene cleanup, or blood cleanup, call our Steri-Clean Utah team 24 hours a day at (801) 386-9010 or toll free (888) 577-7206.

Salt Lake City Blood Clean Up

Steri-Clean Utah provides local communites with professional, yet affordable crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, undiscovered death cleanup, infection control, norovirus outbreak control and many other biohazard cleanup services. We can bill your auto, homeowners, or commercial insurance for most jobs. Contact us today for any biohazard clean up need. We will help you through this.