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West Covina Crime Scene Cleanup

24 Hour Crime Scene Cleanup

Suicide Cleanup - Biohazard Cleanup - Blood Cleanup
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  • Suicide Cleanup

    There are thousands of suicides each year in California with a good number of those by hand guns and shotguns. Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC has provided West Covina ;residences and businesses with experienced, professional and affordable crime scene cleanup service since 1995. Let our caring an compassionate staff assist you through this process. Suicide cleanup involves specialized tools, equipment, and disinfectants that vary according to the type of job being performed. Cleaning a crime or death scene without proper knowledge, training and protection can be dangerous and cause further trauma to the victims loved ones. Our services are covered by homeowners, auto, and commercial/business insurance so you don't have to pay. We are available 24 hours a day at (888) 577-7206.

  • Decomposition - Undiscovered Death and Odor

    With ongoing advances in the medical field people are living longer and independently. With that comes a higher number of people living alone and it is not uncommon for the deceased to go undiscovered for several days or even weeks. These scenes can involve fluid that has saturated a bed, sofa, chair, carpeting, and subflooring. These areas cannot just be wiped up. All of the fluid from decomposition must be located and removed. This can be extensive when dealing with plywood subfloors as it typically needs to be removed and replaced. Without doing so, the severe odor will remain as well as the bacteria, viruses and other potential germs which can infect people with various illnesses until properly cleaned. Our ozone or fogging treatments will completely remove the odor that is associated with decomposition. If you are in need of an undiscovered death (decomposition) cleanup, please call our 24 hour live help line at (888) 577-7206 for assistance any time.

  • Crime Scene Cleanup

    After a homicide or serious trauma, significant blood loss can leave carpet, walls, furniture and personal belongings affected with biohazard and possible bloodborne pathogens. It is unknown if the blood carried any communicable diseases. Viruses like Hepatitis can actually live outside the body for a week or more even if the blood is dried or was wiped up but not properly disinfected. It is important that these scenes by properly cleaned and disinfected with an EPA registered disinfectant to ensure all pathogens have been destroyed. The Trauma Scene Waste Act passed into law in 1998, and it states that anyone hired to clean a biohazard scene must be registered with the State Health Department. Don't take a chance with your safety or others. Call Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC at (888) 577-7206 to assist you. We are available for West Covina residents, businesses and government agencies 24 hours a day.

West Covina Crime Scene Cleanup