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Santa Monica Crime Scene Cleanup

Santa Monica

24 Hour Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Cleanup / Suicide Cleanup / Blood Cleanup / Biohazard Cleanup

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Santa Monica Crime Scene Cleanup

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica California, is in the top 20 most populated cities in the State. Unfortunately with a higher population comes higher crime. Trust in us just like the Santa Monica Police Department does for any blood or biohazard need. Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC is here to assist families, businesses and City officials who are left with blood and bodily fluids after a crime occurs. Since 1995, we have legally cleaned and disinfected over 3,500 biohazard scenes. We are the trusted provider for dozens of cities as well as management companies, insurance companies and private businesses. Our biohazard remediation crews can respond 24 hours a day to assist you in your time of need. Many people wonder about cost for our services. We have resources that can pay for all crime scene cleanup so you don't have to. If you are in Santa Monica or any city in California and need assistance with crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup or any type of blood and bodily fluid cleanup, call our Live Help Line and speak with us now at (888) 577-7206. We are here when you need us.

Santa Monica Suicide CleanupSanta Monica
Suicide Cleanup

Suicide is a  tragedy for thousands of families each year. Questions are left unasnwerd and the family is left with a tragic reminder of what transpired. If you are in Santa Monica and are faced with this unfortunate event, please call us. Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC has cleaned literally thousands of these scenes at a reasonable cost. Don't further traumatize yourself or allow a loved one to. We will properly and legally clean any suicide scene leaving no biohazard behind. These scenes must be not only cleaned, but properly disinfected to assure safety to residents once we are completed. If you need help in Santa Monica with a suicide or any biohazard scene, trust in the company that Santa Monica police use for there own biohazard scenes and call us at (888) 577-7206 24 hours a day. 

Undiscovered Death Cleanup Decomposition Santa MonicaUndiscovered Death (Decomposition)
Santa Monica 

It is an unfortunate fact that many people live alone. The photo to the right is typically what we find when called to clean an undiscovered death scene.  A body that lay undiscovered for a length of time will begin to breakdown. The bacteria released in the fluid from decomposition can contain communicable diseases as well as other dangers. The odor in these homes is overpowering to say the least. Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC is a decomposition cleanup expert company. We respond to as many as 20 of these scenes per month to deal with the biohazard removal and the odor removal as well. Our highly trained personnel will extract all fluids and saturated items, disinfect all involved areas then concentrate on odor removal. Our decomposition cleanup service is also covered by homeonwers insurance. We will handle the filing of claim paperwork, photographs and all documentation. We can get your home cleaned, disinfected and brought back to a live in condition. Call our Santa Monica Live Help Line if you need assistance at any time, day or night at (888) 577-7206.

Santa Monica Exterior Trauma Traffic Accident CleanupPublic Property Cleanup in Santa Monica
Traffic Accident Cleanup
Exterior Trauma Cleanup

Whether it is car accident, a shooting or an accidental fall, blood left on the sidewalk or street can pose a serious health threat to the public. It is important to have blood and bodily fluids removed from public areas in Santa Monica to protect the public health. Our Roadway Division was developed for just this need. We are contracted by dozens of cities througout California to respond quickly to any biohazard scene involving public property. Our Roadway Division equipment was custom built from the ground up. The photo to the left shows a biohazard technician quickly and legally pressure washing a blood spill while simultaneously recovering the blood and waste water with our built in vacuum system. This technology allows scenes to be quickly cleaned and disinfected with one machine, while protecting the health of the community and erasing any sign of the tragedy. This service is often free to our contracting cities, so you don't pay a dime. Contact us at Crime Scene Steri-Clean 24 hours  a day for more information or to request immediate service at (888) 577-7206.