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Rhode Island Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime Scene Cleanup Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Crime Scene Cleanup

Suicide Clean Up
Rhode Island

Suicides across Rhode Island are increasing at a staggering number. According to the statistics on World Life Exptancy, more than twice as many people die by suicide in Rhode Island annually as compared to homicide. There is one successful suicide every 3 days in Rhode Island, and more than 3 attempted suicides each day. This is really shocking you think about it. What are the traumatized families to do after such an event?

In the tragic event of a suicide or attempted suicide, the situation is only worsened by the fact that family, friends, and loved ones are left behind to clean up the the aftermath. After EMS, police officers, and coroners officials complete their investigation, the family is left with a horrific realization; that they must cleanup the scene. Statistically, a family member that cleans up a loved ones suicide is 75% more likely to commit suidie themselves! The safest option is to work with a company like Steri-Clean or Rhode Island to help you through this true crisis.

If you are faced with the overwhelming task of a suicide clean up in Rhode Island, plese call our 24 hour, compassionate, and skilled team at Steri-Clean of Rhode Island to provide you with our affordable cleanup services. We provide free estimates, service, and can often bill your insurance for our services.

Steri-Clean is available to respond 24 hours a day to suicide cleanup and blood cleanup. Our 24-hour live helpline can be reached by calling toll free (888) 577-7206, or local (401) 425-4250.

Rhode Island Death Cleanup

Undiscovered Death
Rhode Island

Throughout Rhode Island there is a dramatic increase in undiscovered deaths each year, due mainly because of our improving healthcare, allowing our elderly to live longer, and more independently than ever before. When people live alone, they likely will die alone due to not having regular visitors. This means they also may not be discovered for days, weeks, and rarely months.

It can be shocking to hear that Steri-Clean of Rhode Island responds to calls for undiscovered death clean up more than any other type of service request. So how fast does the cleanup need to happen after human decomposition? Depending on several environmental factors, the most important are temperature and humidity, a body will typically begin to decompose within 36 to 48 hours. During warmer months and in times of increased humidity the process speeds up significantly. a body that lay undiscovered for any period of time can do major damage to a home.

The bodily fluids that result from decomposition will saturate anything around the body including furniture, carpeting, subflooring, walls, etc. . Consequently, the involved and specialized cleaning of an undiscovered death scene should only be performed by trained and certified professional crime scene cleanup companies. The proper removal of fluids, odor, and decomposition remains is very challenging and the lingering odor can only be removed with heavy duty, state of the art equipment and chemicals. The infectious waste must be collected and packaged and then disposed of in the proper, legal manner with a local medical waste facility.

Our staff at Steri-Clean, is always ready to help our clients day or night, anywhere in Rhode Island. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with questions, estimates, or services requests at 888-577-7206 or local (401) 425-4250

Rhode Island Suicide Clean Up

Crime Scene Clean Up
Rhode Island

Steri-Clean of Rhode Island provides professional decontamination scenes involving traumatic accidents, crime scenes, and other types of extreme cleaning incidents.

Steri-Clean of Rhode Island is certified and highly trained to deal with any biohazard scenario. Our team of biohazard technicians work carfully to remove all traces of what happened while also removing the threat of exposure to any number of harmful blood borne pagthogens like Hepatitus and HIV. Human blood and bodily fluids can harbor any number of dangerous pathogens that can live outside the body for great lengths of time. You should never attempt to perform this type of clean up on your own. Improper cleaning and disinfection may expose family members or loved ones to a terrible risk. Additionally, the emotional trauma that familiy members experience is severly worsended when they are forced to cleanup a loved ones remains.

Crime Scene Cleanup, blood cleanup, and any bodily fluid, or biohazard cleanup should only be performed by certified professionals who have completed training in bloodborne pathogens, and proper disinfection procedures. The Federal Law states that legally no person can legally clean a crime scene without being trained and offered vaccines, plus a way to properly dispose of the waste if they are being paid to clean the scene. The laws regarding the disposal of biohazardous waste were created in order to prevent possible further spread of infectious waste into local landfills.

If you need affordable, professional and discreet crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup or blood cleanup our team of skilled professionals is here to help.

Call Steri-Clean 24 hours a day at (401) 425-4250 or toll-free (888) 577-7206.

Rhode Island Blood Cleanup

Steri-Clean provides all of Rhode Island with professional, yet affordable crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, undiscovered death cleanup, infection control, norovirus outbreak control, and many other biohazard cleanup services. Often times we can bill your auto, homeowners, or commercial insurance for jobs. Contact us today for any extreme cleaning needs. We are here to help you!