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Crime Scene Clean Up

Suicide Clean up | Homicide Clean Up | Blood Clean Up | Professional Decontamination

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Crime Scene Clean Up Queens New York


The paramedics are gone, the police have completed their investigation, but what remains is left for the family. Crime Scene Clean Up, Suicide Clean Up and Blood Clean Up are too often left for the loved ones to deal with, but in their traumatized condition, how can they be expected to do so?

Steri-Clean Queens has a reputation not just to clean the biohazard and blood left behind, but to make in impact on the family or business that we are assisting. We provide a compassionate, caring staff to anyone that calls. When crime scene clean up and suicide clean up are performed by a loved one, family member, or friend, the trauma is overwhelming. We can alleviate that by cleaning the incident location for you. Call Steri-Clean Queens 24 hours a day with any questions, or to request our services (888) 577-7206.

Crime Scene Clean Up Services for Businesses in Queens New York

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The unfortunate truth is that many crime scene clean up requests we answer come from businesses with Queens. Liquor stores, restaurants, gas stations, night clubs, bars, hotels and motels are only a few of our commercial clients where blood cleanup, suicide clean up and crime scene cleanup services are needed. Steri-Clean New York is contracted by many businesses throughout New York and specifically the 5 Buroughs. The high density of people creates more violence than suburban, less populated areas. Our services can quickly restore a commercial location so they can once again open for business with minimal down time. If you own or manage a business and are in need of any biohazard clean up services, crime scene clean up services or blood clean up, call Steri-Clean New York. We will help in any eay possible. Our 24 hour line is (888) 577-7206.

Biohazard Clean Up Services Queens New York

Crime Scene

Queens Crime Scene Clean Up Services Include:

  • Homicide clean up
  • Suicide clean up
  • Blood clean up
  • Biohazard clean up
  • Undiscovered death clean up
  • Odor removal
  • Automobile decontamination
  • Tear gas removal
  • Fingerprint dust removal
  • Disease outbreak control/prevention
  • 24 Hour call center
  • Insurance billing & payment for services

Call Center - (888) 577-7206