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When we calculate the cost for a job, it involves several factors. The biggest factors are how many technicians will be needed, how long the work will take, and how much biohazardous waste will be disposed of at our contracted medical waste facility. We also add in the cost of some supplies used in the cleanup process. 

Why do so many insurance companies, businesses and cities contract with Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC?  Because we offer excellent service at a reasonable cost. We will require a small deposit on a credit card, but will bill you for the remaining balance.  Our first priority is making the area safe again and to erase all signs of the events that occurred. You have more important things to deal with and we will worry about payment in full at a later date. We have heard of some outrageous charges from other companies throughout the nation. We do not, and will not stand for this. We are here to help you in a difficult time, not make your situation worse.

If cost is an issue we have several options to help you. First, our services are covered by homeowners, auto, and commercial insurance policies. However, many times our cost is less than your deductible so filing a claim is not beneficial. Second, there are programs out there that help pay for these services. We can help you with filing a claim and getting our services paid for you. In fact we have programs available that will cover up to $1,000 towards the cost of the cleaning, plus more funds for other expenses.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pricing, help with payments, or a free on site estimate.  We also accept all major credit cards. Again, we are here to help you in a difficult time, not make your situation worse.

In an effort to stop the further traumatization of our customers, we are warning them of internet companies that advertise as "Nationwide". As of 2013 there are NO actual  crime scene cleanup companies in existence that cover the entire nation with their own employees. If they advertise as such, they will do 1 of 2 things, and they won't tell you they are doing it! First, they will find a local company in your area and give them the job in return for a minimum 10% fee which you will end up paying for. Second, and their method of choice, they will actually fly their employee(s) clear across the country, rent a car, buy all the equipment locally, then send you a bill for tens of thousands of dollars. We get calls and complaints about companies actually doing this ALL THE TIME! Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from these con-artists.

1) Ask them if they are licensed in the state in which you are calling from. Many states now regulate this field and companies must qualify for a license or registration number or they are illegal.

2) Ask them what their physical office address is closest to you.

3) Ask them point blank if it will be their employees doing the work, or if they use subcontractors or referral companies.

4) Ask them if their employees are located in your City/County/State.

5) Once the workers are on scene, ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE! Over the phone it is nearly impossible to give an estimate, but once the workers are there, they can either provide you with an estimate, or call their office to get one.

6) NEVER sign an authorization to work without knowing the cost, or an estimated range up front.

7) If you have a very small cleanup which will require little or no structural damage to clean (carpet removal, drywall removal, subfloor removal, painting/sealing) then it is probably not worth making an insurance claim. So called "Nationwide" companies will push for you to make a claim so they can charge outrageous prices. When your insurance refuses to pay, guess what... you are stuck owing the balance. If you don't pay, they will put a lien on your house! They certainly won't take you to court, because they are thousands of miles away and it would be a hassle for them.

8) Finally, ask them what their response time would be to your area. Most local companies should be able to be on scene within 2 hours. If they can't, they are probably not local and will charge you to ge there on top of everything else.