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Oklahoma Crime Scene Clean Up

Oklahoma Crime Scene Cleanup

24 Hour Biohazard Cleaning Services

Suicide Clean Up | Blood Clean Up | Death Clean Up

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Crime Scene Cleanup Oklahoma

Oklahoma Crime Scene Cleanup

Steri-Clean of Oklahoma provides 24 hour biohazard cleanup services for clients in their time of need. There are just under 300200 homicides each year in Oklahoma, so almost one every day! To complicate matters, most of these tragic scenes will need the proper clean up and sanitization to assure the area is safe. So, what exactly happens after the police, firefighters, paramedics and coroner are completed? As you would expect, most people never even think about this part of life and death. The sad fact is that after a homicide, trauma or crime, the scene is left for the loved ones, management company or property owner to clean up the blood and biohazard left behind. Lets face it, most of us are not emotionally or physically prepared to take on such a task. Even if they think they can, they may soon regret it. Statistics actually show that a loved one is 75% more likely to commit suicide if they clean up the remains of a loved on! The emotional trauma is more than most can bare, so please don't increase the trauma of what you are already going through or put someone else through that trauma like an unprepared janitor.

So with that being said, how does an untrained person, friend, or family member get a biohazard scene professionally cleaned and dispose of the waste legally? We will outline the steps in the next section under the Suicide Cleanup. Call Steri-Clean Oklahoma for any biohazard clean up or crime scene cleanup needs, 24 hours a day. We are here to assist you in any way possible. We have services available throughout the state to assist you.

Suicide Clean Up Oklahoma

Suicide Clean Up Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma is not immune from the suicide epidemic in our nation. In fact, Oklahoma tragically experiences more than 2 suicides each day, or almost 750 annually! Many of those occur in the larger cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but surprisingly the ration of suicides to population is actually higher in the rural communities of Oklahoma. Suicide unfortunately leaves no answers for family members and loved ones that are left behind. Even more traumatizing for the friends, family and loved ones is the dangerous scene which is left for them to clean up. Fortunately, Steri-Clean Oklahoma are experts in suicide clean up and blood clean up and can help you through this process.

When a suicide is cleaned by untrained people, most likely there will be complications. First, dangerous bloodborne pathogens could be missed, or not treated with the appropriate disinfectant for the proper dwell time. These pathogens like Hepatitis can stay active for days or even weeks in the right environment. Another major factor to consider is the emotional toll that this cleanup takes on the one(s) performing the daunting task. It is proven time and time again that cleaning the scene where a loved one has passed, can result in serious emotional trauma for the cleaner. Studies show that family members who clean after a loved ones suicide are 75% more likely to commit suicide themselves. We can prevent this! Please call Steri-Clean Oklahoma for a free, no obligation estimate and see if we can even bill your insurance for our services. We are available throughout Oklahoma 24 hours a day by calling (888) 577-7206 or one of the local numbers at the top of this page.

Undiscovered Death Oklahoma

Undiscovered Death Oklahoma

At Steri-Clean of Oklahoma, the most common call we receive for our biohazard cleaning services, is not what most people would think. Decomposition cleanup or undiscovered death cleanup is the most requested services we receive throughout the year, and increase even more during our hot and humid weather months. For those people that live alone, they will unfortunately most often die alone, only to be found when someone realizes they have not been heard from in some time. Since Oklahoma has almost a half a million people living alone, and many of those are older adults, you can understand why this is such a common result.

Human decomposition is a condition after death as the body breaks down. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of damage to a home as well as a need for professional odor removal. Steri-Clean Oklahoma will properly assess any scene involving undiscovered death and the resulting decomposition, then provide you with an estimate and plan of action to remediate the scene. When we clean an undiscovered death scene, we will properly and carefully remove all saturated items, both contents and structural, apply the appropriate disinfectant to all affected areas, then provide complete odor removal. This service is typically covered by homeowners insurance, so let us help you with your claim by calling (888) 577-7206 24 hours a day.

Crime Scene Cleanup Oklahoma Service Area

Steri-Clean Oklahoma Provides Blood Cleanup Services for the Following Counties:

1 Oklahoma County 792,582
2 Tulsa County 648,360
3 Cleveland County 281,669
4 Canadian County 144,447
5 Comanche County 120,422
6 Rogers County 91,984
7 Payne County 82,040
8 Wagoner County 80,110
9 Pottawatomie County 72,679
10 Creek County 71,604
11 Muskogee County 68,362
12 Garfield County 60,913
13 Grady County 55,551
14 Washington County 51,843
15 Le Flore County 49,980
16 Cherokee County 48,675
17 Carter County 48,177
18 Logan County 47,291
19 Bryan County 47,192
20 Osage County 47,014
21 Kay County 44,161
22 Pittsburg County 43,877
23 Stephens County 43,265
24 Delaware County 42,733
25 Sequoyah County 41,179
26 Mayes County 41,107
27 McClain County 39,985
28 Okmulgee County 38,335
29 Pontotoc County 38,247
30 Lincoln County 34,920
31 McCurtain County 32,703
32 Ottawa County 31,175
33 Custer County 29,036
34 Caddo County 28,977
35 Garvin County 27,811
36 Jackson County 24,949
37 Seminole County 24,578
38 Adair County 22,082
39 Beckham County 21,709
40 Texas County 20,455
41 Woodward County 20,222
42 McIntosh County 19,815
43 Marshall County 16,806
44 Pawnee County 16,390
45 Kingfisher County 15,816
46 Choctaw County 14,668
47 Craig County 14,306
48 Murray County 13,953
49 Atoka County 13,838
50 Hughes County 13,335
51 Haskell County 12,668
52 Okfuskee County 12,098
53 Noble County 11,289
54 Pushmataha County 11,179
55 Washita County 11,127
56 Johnston County 10,949
57 Latimer County 10,231
58 Nowata County 10,218
59 Love County 10,134
60 Blaine County 9,485
61 Woods County 8,897
62 Kiowa County 8,729
63 Major County 7,644
64 Tillman County 7,348
65 Jefferson County 6,123
66 Greer County 5,821
67 Cotton County 5,776
68 Alfalfa County 5,754
69 Coal County 5,520
70 Beaver County 5,319
71 Dewey County 4,894
72 Grant County 4,326
73 Ellis County 3,952
74 Harper County 3,797
75 Roger Mills County 3,656
76 Harmon County 2,664
77 Cimarron County 2,153