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New Haven City Crime Scene Cleanup

New Haven Connecticut Crime Scene Cleanup

Blood Cleanup | Death Cleanup | Suicide Cleanup | Biohazard Cleanup

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Crime Scene Clean Up New Haven Connecticut

Crime Scene Clean Up New Haven Connecticut

Undiscovered Death Cleanup
New Haven

New Haven Connecticut, and surroucing communities, are unfortunately very common places for serious crimes, traumas, and deaths. Steri-Clean of New Haven provides 24 hour help to our local Connecticut business owners, residents, and government agencies with many services ranging from crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, and infection control. Steri-Clean New Haven is certified in crime and trauma scene cleanup and has specialized equipment, some custom built just for our specialized services to assure we properly clean and disinfect every scene we respond to. Despite being the leaders in our industry, Steri-Clean remains affordable, and truly understands why compassion and discretion is so important to our customers. Because we our own corporate call center, we can dispatch 24 hours a day, and be on scene quickly. In fact, since our inception in 1995 Steri-Clean has provided our specialized cleaning for over 15,000 homes, businesses, and automobiles! Call Steri-Clean of New Haven any time, day or night, to receive an absolutely free, and no obligation estimate on any of the following specialized services:

Undiscovered Death Clean Up New Haven Connecticut

Death Clean Up New Haven Connecticut

Undiscovered Death Cleanup
New Haven

Human decomposition begins as soon as 24 to 48 hours post death depending on several factors in the environment including temperature and relative humidity. Decomposition cleanup is the most complex biohazard cleaning situations that Steri-Clean is called upon, so please do not try this yourself. If you or a loved one is needs assistance with human decomposition or an undiscovered death, please read this. The cleanup after a body has been found decomposed can be very complicated and can involve the removal of actual structural components of a homeItems such as saturated flooring, subflooring, walls and more, will most likely need to be completely removed and disposed of with a medical waste company. It cannot be disposed of with the regular trash. The odor most often saturates the residence and will require 100% source removal along with specialized odor removal equipment and/or chemicals.

So that you remain safe in your time of need, Steri-Clean highly recommends that any death or biohazard scene which contains blood and/or bodily fluids be cleaned by certified companies that havepassed the proper training programs, are licensed and carry all necessary insurance such as general liability, workers comp, polution, automobile, etc. The legal disposal of all medical waste must be pefromed by properly treating, packaging, and disposal of the biohazards collected to prevent exposure. Fluids from any death scene, whether they contain visible blood or not, can contain contagious and dangerous blood borne pathogens like Hepatitis that can live outside the body for significant periods of time.

Steri-Clean of New Haven responds to any biohazard clean up or blood clean up need in all of New Haven and surrounding communities, but we are locals. We are available 24 hours a day by simply calling our local, or toll free numbers at (888) 577-7206, or (203) 916-1600. We are here to help all Connecticut residents, busineses and governments and can even bill your insurance in most cases.

Suicide Clean Up in New Haven - Discreet and Affordable

New Haven Suicide Clean Up

Suicide Cleanup
New Haven

With a suicide rate of well over 1 per day in Connecticut, New Haven, unfortunately, truly needs a service like ours. There are also thousands of attempted suicides each year that can also need a professional cleanup and disinfection service. When you imagine how many people are affected by these astounding numbers, it is completely heartbreaking. Steri-Clean of New Haven receives numerous calls for suicide and attempted suicide cleanup in New Haven Connecticut and most of their surrounding communities. Steri-Cleans' goal is to prevent any family members, friends, loved ones or other untrained person from ever feeling like they must clean a suicide scene. Dangerous and even deadly blood borne diseases and pathogens can be present in blood an bodily fluids, even in people that we know and love.

The emotional toll that cleaning the death scene of a loved one is very real. As if losing the loved one was not enough, now you are left with the aftermath. Let the kind and caring professional staff of Steri-Clean New Haven provide you with the most discreet and affordable suicide cleanup services possible. We will respond quickly, any time of day once our services are requested and return the scene to a safe environment. We use the latest in technology and can provide you with a safe to occupy letter of clearance.

Call Steri-Clean of New Haven 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, for discreet, affordable and legal suicide cleanup services not only in New Haven but throughout all communities in Connecticut. For questions or immediate live help, call (888) 577-7206 or (203) 916-1600.

New Haven Connecticut Crime Scene Clean Up

Steri-Clean of New Haven Connecticut provides crime scene clean up, suicide clean up, blood clean up, trauma scene clean up, undiscovered death clean up, tear gas clean up, and infection control services to all of Connecticut and is requested for not only residences needs, but businesses as well. If you have a crime scene in your home, office, or automobile, give us a call 24 hours a day.

We will assist you in your time of need in any way possible.