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Crime Scene Clean Up - Kansas City and Topeka Kansas

Steri-Clean Kansas City is a local Kansas company that responds anywhere in Kansas to perform the difficult and dangerous task of Crime Scene Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Blood Clean up and other biohazard cleanup services. We utilize only discreet vehicles to not draw any further attention to your home or business. Our professionally trained Steri-Clean Kansas City team is made up of caring professionals that are here when you need us most. Our affordable but specialized cleaning services for families suffering through a difficult time include all of the follwing: 

  • 24 Hour Services
  • Free Estimates
  • Suicide Clean Up
  • Homicide Clean Up
  • Biohazard Clean Up
  • Blood Clean Up
  • Decomposition Clean Up
  • Odor Removal
  • Tear Gas Clean Up
  • Fingerprint Dust Clean Up
  • Super Bug Disinfection
  • Covered by most Insurances

Crime Scene Clean Up - Kansas City and Topeka Kansas

Crime Scene Cleanup 
Kansas City

Kansas City, Topeka and all of Kansas is tragically a common place for crimes to occur, often resulting in biohazard scenes to require cleanup. The state of Kansas has an average of 442 suicides and 80 homicides. There is also an average of 368 traffic fatalities and over 600 traumatic causes of other deaths each year! So, after a death or serious injury, what happens? Nobody ever thinks about this until they are faced with it. The local police agency, along with the local coroner will perform their investigation of the death for any length of time from a couple hours to several days. Their sole focus and priority is to determine if there was a crime committed before the coroner removes the body and transports it away from the scene. But who cleans up the blood and evidence tools used in the investigation such as Luminol and graphite fingerprint dust after they all leave?

This overwhelming and daunting task falls upon, property owners, managers or  the already grieving and traumatized family members. Cleaning up after a loved one can further traumatize loved ones. According to national statistics, family members that clean a traumatic scene after a loved ones death are alarmingly much more likely to commit suicide themselves. In addition, family members don't typically have the proper equipment to clean a potentially dangerous biohazard scene. Please don't take the chance of exposing you or your loved ones to further emotional trauma and what could be infectious agents like Hepatitis, HIV, and other bloodborne pathogens.

Steri-Clean Kansas City Topeka responds to any biohazard clean up or blood clean up need in the north east section of Kansas. We are available 24 hours a day by simply calling either our toll free number at (888) 577-7206, or our local number (913) 490-0009. We are here to help and will bill your insurance in most cases. 

Suicide Clean Up Kansas City Kansas

Suicide Clean Up
Kansas City Kansas


Suicide clean up and undiscovered death (decomposition) cleanup are the two most common requests for service we receive in Kansas, but specifically in the Northeast portion of the state where Kansas City and Topeka are situated. The Steri-Clean Kansas team of caring and compassionate employees understands the severe grief and trauma commonly associated with the tragic and sudden loss of this magnitude and promises to provide the most discreet, affordable services possible.

If you are faced with a biohazard scene cleanup need such as a crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, or blood cleanup of any kind, contact our local Steri-Clean Kansas City office for assistance right away. The faster we can get to the location and begin the cleaning and deconamination process, the better. Let us handle the clean up while you take care of the many other things you need to be dealing with at this difficult time. 

Steri-Clean Kansas City is here for you. Please call us whenever you are ready for help (888) 577-7206, (913) 490-0009

Can't We Clean it Ourselves?

Many callers from Kansas and across the country ask if they can just clean a crime or death scene themselves. The simple answer is yes, but please read why that is a really bad idea. First, like pictured to the right, the normal population has never been trained in bloodborne pathogens, disease exposure, and proper disinfection techniques. Simply hosing down blood does not make it safe, and actually spreads the possible contaminates into a larger area. Second, cleaning after a loved one can be extremely traumatizing to a family member that is already going through the most tragic event of their lives. Studies have shown a family member that cleans after the death of a loved on is 75% more likely to commit suicide. Finally, families will typically not wear the proper personal protective gear, nor will they dispose of the materials generated during the crime scene clean up with a licensed medical facility meaning it will go right into the local trash, where any number of people can be exposed to it. 

The correct answer to this question is to call a professional to properly and legally clean any biohazard scene. Most of our services are covered by insurance, and in some cases the State of Kansas. Call our 24 hour helpline to learn more (913) 490-0009 for Kansas City or (785) 367- 0089 for Topeka.