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Indianapolis Crime Scene Clean up

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Suicide Clean Up - Indianapolis

Crime Scene Steri-Clean of Indiana responds 24 hours a day to assist familiy members, loved ones and friends after a sudden suicide. Our compassionate staff responds to suicide clean up calls daily to alleviate the burden left on others. Our services are affordable and are often covered by homeowners insurance if the family so desires. Our suicide clean up services are available 24 hours a day throughout Indianapolis and all of Indiana. Our team will arrive in unmarked vehicles, assess the scene, and let you know exactly what needs to be done. Since 1995 Crime Scene Steri-Clean has helped tens of thousands of families through a difficult time. Call us 24 hours a day with questions or for help (317) 489-4040.

Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime Scene Clean Up varies from small blood clean up to extensive restoration. Crime Scene Steri-Clean Indiana understands how to properly assess blood and biohazard clean up jobs to assure our clients every potential hazard is isolated and removed. Familes left grief stricken should never face the clean up alone. The trauma of the event itself is enough. By cleaning a the remains at a crime scene can only result in additional mental trauma. Dangers from diseases, blood borne pathogens and bacteria is another very real concern. Communicable diseases like Hepatitis can live outside the body on any surface for a week or more. Don't take any chances, call our caring staff members 24 hours a day with any questions or for clean up help anywhere in Indiana (387) 489-4040.

Undiscovered Death Clean Up

With medical advances and improved independent living, more people are living alone than every before. The unfortunate side affect in this rise in independence is the increase in people that will die alone, and go undiscovered for days, weeks or even longer. When a body is found in a state of decomposition the fluids will saturate contents and the structure of a home. It is imperitive that a scene involving an undiscovered death is cleaned by professionals that know how to isolate the fluids as well as the pungent odor. Clean up for an undiscovered death can be simple to complex depending on several factors; length of time, location of body, the flooring type, and the environment.

This service is covered by homeowners insurance so call us today for a free assessment and estimate (317) 489-4040.


Superbugs are resilient micro organisms that are invisible to the naked eye, yet can be lethal. MRSA, C-Diff and Staph are only a few of the deadly strains of superbugs out there being discovered hundreds of thousands of times throughout the year. When these viruses and bacteria infect someone they can spread to residences, vehicles and work places without anyone knowing. The spread potential is high and must be isolated and treated with the proper disinfectant. Applying the right disinfectant cannot be understated as certain superbugs will not be affected if the wrong disinfectant is used. Call the professionals at Crime Scene Steri-Clean today to properly treat your home, vehicle or business to prevent the spread or reinfection of any number of illnesses.