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Crime Scene Cleanup Houston Texas

Crime Scene Clean Up
Houston Texas
(281) 942-5455 – 24 Hours

Suicide Cleanup | Death Cleanup | Blood Cleanup

Houston Death Clean Up Services

Death Clean Up Houston Texas

Houston Discreet Death Cleanup Services

Steri-Clean of Houston has provided discreet, compassionate and affordable death clean up services since 1995. Let our caring staff assist you through this difficult time with any of the following services 24 hours a day:

  1. Crime Scene Clean Up
  2. Suicide Clean Up
  3. Undiscovered Death Clean Up
  4. Decomposition Clean Up
  5. Traumatic Injury Clean Up
  6. Blood & Bodily Fluids Clean Up
  7. We Bill Your Insurance!
Suicide Cleanup Houston Texas

Suicide Clean Up Houston Texas

Houston Suicide Cleanup Services

Suicide clean up is the most requested service we receive for at Steri-Clean Houston. Unfortunately, Texas has one of the highest per capita suicide rates in the United States with over 3900 suicides annually! Our owner started this company in 1995 so that loved ones are never left to deal with this alone, exposing them to extreme trauma on top of what they are already going through. Please let us help you through this daunting task.

Crime Scene Cleanup Houston

Biohazard Clean Up Houston Texas

Houston Biohazard Services

Biohazards can present themselves anywhere, any time, and in many different forms. Steri-Clean of Houston is highly trained in bloodborne pathogens, communicable diseases, viruses, bacteria, and germs. We are knowledgeable in not only the organisms themselves but how to properly clean and treat the areas with the appropriate disinfectants to destroy them.

We offer our biohazard cleanup services in private homes, automobiles, businesses and government properties. Most of our biohazard clean up services are covered by homeowners, auto, and commercial insurance policies. If you need help with any biohazard or bloodborne pathogen cleanup, call the experienced professionals at Steri-Clean 24 hours a day at 281-942-5455.

About Us – Biohazard Cleanup Houston Texas

Steri-Clean Houston Texas Team

The Steri-Clean franchise which services Houston Texas is owned and operated by Stephanie and Darrell. They find incredible reward in helping people that are going through a crisis in the form of losing a loved one. They both have an extensive and meaningful history of helping people in different industries prior to crime scene cleanup.

Both Stephanie and Darrel are compassionate, empathetic, and care about each person they help. Call them 24 hours a day if you or a loved one need help with any biohazard cleanup, suicide cleanup, or crime scene cleanup in Houston or surrounding communities at 281-942-5455.

Houston Texas Crime Scene Clean Up
Houston crime scene unit on scene of a residential homicide. Steri-Clean works closely with city agencies, and businesses to keep our communities safe. For help with crime scene clean up, suicide clean up, or blood clean up from any cause, call us any day, any time at 281-942-5455. We have trained biohazard clean up technicians on call 24 hours a day to assist you in your time of need.