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Free Estimates

Free Estimates Options

  • On Site Assessment
  • Over the Phone Estimate
  • Online Estimate with Photos Submitted

We know you are going through a lot right now. Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC wants to make this process as easy as possible. We have 3 options to receive a free estimate.

On Site Estimate:

Contact our staff 24 hours a day for a free assessment at the property. We will provide you with a no cost estimate in writing to completely decontaminate the affected areas. Call us to schedule an fast estimate at (888) 577-7206.

Over The Phone:

While we can't give exact numbers without seeing the site, we can certainly provide you with a ballpark range of what our services tend to run. We can also discuss other options, like insurance, and state programs that cover the cost of our services in some instances. Call us today to find out more. Our live help line can be reached any time of day or night at (888) 577-7206 or one of the 15 local numbers on our contact us page.

Online Photos

We can typically provide a pretty close estimate based off of photos that are sent to us through email to or uploaded below. Unknown factors will include things that may be affected that are not visible like subflooring, walls and lower cabinets that may be affected. If we see something in the photo that may lead us to believe the biohazard has extended into an invisible area, we will certainly let you know.

We certainly do not want family members entering a biohazard area to gain photos as this can cause further trauma and in some cases expose you to dangerous communicable diseases, viruses and bacteria. If someone has already taken photos, they can however easily be uploaded through our secure server, directly to our estimating team.

For a free estimate, please upload a few photos below of the areas involved. One of our courteous staff will contact you within normal business hours the day of submission. If you call us first, we can watch for your submission and get back to you within 30 minutes to an hour.