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Decomposition Cleanup and Undiscovered Death

Decomposition Cleanup Undiscovered Body

A body that lay undiscovered for as little as 1-2 days will begin to decompose. Bodily fluids that usually are contained in the body slowly leak out and saturate anything in the path of gravity.  This causes a complex problem and needs to be properly cleaned. What may appear like a simple stain on the surface is actually just the beginning of the problem. The odor associated by decomposition is overwhelming to say the least. It will remain embedded in the contents and the structure itself up to several months if not effectively dealt with.

biohazard clean up

As you can see, this plywood subfloor was completely saturated and would not have been discovered if the carpet had not been removed. Not only would the strong odor have remained, but severe health hazards would have been present as well. If you can picture a constant drop of water on one area of carpet, the surface of the carpet will only have a small area affected. Underneath the carpet however, the water spreads out as it travels with gravity.

biohazard clean up

Unfortunately, we cannot remove a bloody mattress as is. Mattresses, couches and other furniture items simply cannot be taken to a licensed medical waste facility whole. We must cut out the affected portions and place them into biohazard transport containers. The remainder of the unaffected furniture will also be removed, but disposed of at a regular landfill. Homeowners insurance will almost always cover the cost of our services and possibly the replacement of items affected in the residence.

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These photos show just how extensive the damage can be from a body that is undiscovered for days weeks or even months. Carpet, padding, subfloor, and even portions of walls must sometimes be removed to eradicate the health hazard and to control the overwhelming odor.