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Crime Scene Clean Up Chicago
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Suicide Clean Up | Crime Scene Cleanup | Blood Clean Up

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Crime Scene Clean Up | Suicide Clean Up
Chicago Illinois

Unfortunately, Chicago has been named the murder capitol of the United States, with well over 1,000 in the last few years. Suicides in Cook County for 2012 and 2013 were just under that at around 900. This leaves family members, loved ones, and friends left struggling with the sudden grief and trauma that follows. The last thing a family member should be forced to do is clean up the scene where their loved one passed. Crime Scene Steri-Clean has assisted thousands of families with the clean up process at affordable rates. If a cleanup is more involved, then we will speak with your insurance carrier about covering our costs. Diseases like Hepatitis can live out side the body for several days or even a week or more in the right environment. Don't risk physical or emotional harm. Let us handle this for you. Call our local live help line 24 hours a day at (773) 888-5018.

Undiscovered Death | Decomposition Cleanup
Chicago Illinois

Undiscovered death or decomposition occurs as little as a 36 hours after a person passes. The fluids from decomposition can be dangerous containing blood borne pathogens, disease and high levels of bacteria. The fluids will soak into any absorbent contents such as bedding, mattresses, carpet and even the structure itself. It is extremely important to have a professional biohazard clean up company address a scene where a body lay undiscovered. The process of removing these fluids can be simple or involved and we have the experience to make sure the property is left safe for reoccupancy. Our services also include removing the associated odor that can also contain high levels of bacteria. If you are faced with a difficult cleanup need, please contact our local office covering Chicago and all of Northern Illinois at (773) 888-5018. Our services are covered by homeowners insurance.

All of Crime Scene Steri-Cleans fleet of vehicles are unmarked, and plain white. There is no need to draw any further attention to your personal matters.