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Crime Scene Cleanup Central California

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If you are in Central California and need assistance with crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, blood cleanup or any biohazard cleanup, you have come to the right place. Since 1995, we have been providing Central California with compassionate, expert biohazard cleanup services. Our professionally trained team of biohazard remediation technicians will respond quickly and remove all traces of the incident while providing a safe environment to return to. Our services, if needed, are covered by homeowners, automobile, and commercial insurance policies. Whatever it takes, we will make this situation a little better for you. If you need assistance with crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, blood cleanup or biohazard cleanup, please call our Central California 24 Hour Live Help Line at (559) 401-4011 or (209) 683-1019. We are here to assist you.

Undiscovered Death (Decomposition)
Cleanup and Odor Removal

Unfortunately in todays society there are many times the deceased go undiscovered for days or even weeks before they are found. For some, it is because they have no family to check on them while others just lead busy lives and don't make contact with friends and family as much as they once did. When a body is not discovered for any length of time, the body decomposes leaving behind fluids that saturate the area where the body was discovered. Beds, couches, chairs and flooring are the most common areas where we see this occur. What may seem like a simple stain on the carpet, is most likely a much larger problem. The fluids from a decomposing body, follow gravity and typically absorb through the carpet and padding into the subfloor. We have seen many jobs where the fluid actually penatrates into the room below. The odor can be overpowering as well as dangerous. Bacteria forms in this fluid and can make people sick that are not wearing proper protective clothing and respirators. Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC responds to about 250 cases of decomposition each year. We are trained to properly remove the saturated materials, clean and disinfect the structure and remove and odor that is left behind.  If you need assistance with cleaning an undiscovered death or decomposition, don't attempt to clean this yourself. Call our 24 hour live help line at (888) 577-7206.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC is California's leading provider of crime scene cleanup and trauma scene cleanup. Crime scene cleanup includes blood cleanup, death scene cleanup, murder/suicide cleanup, and the removal of evidence markings like fingerprint dust and luminol. Unfortunately, crime scene cleanup is a much needed service. California averages almost 3,000 homicides each year. These scenes are often cleaned by friends and family members because they don't know that a service like ours exists or that they don't have to pay for our service. Did you know families of homicide victims can have these scenes cleaned and paid for with no cost coming from them? We can also assist you with reimbursement with funeral costs, counseling, loss of wages and many other costs you may have incurred. If you are in need of crime scene cleanup, please contact our 24 hour live help line at (888) 577-7206. We offer 24 hour crime scene cleanup assistance and have locations throughout California.

Suicide Cleanup

Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC is the premier provider of suicide cleanup services for Central California cities (Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, etc.).We offer 24 hour immediate service for suicide cleanup and attempted suicide cleanup for residences, businesses and automobiles. Our Central California suicide cleanup service is provided to reduce the stress and emotional trauma families are faced with as well as to ensure the property is cleaned and disinfected properly, making it safe for reoccupancy. California statistics show on average there are over 3,000 suicides per year of which 45% are by firearms. This does not include attempted suicides which are in the tens of thousands each year! These scenes should only be cleaned by professionals that have been trained in proper cleaning, disinfecting, and disposal techniques. Call Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC if you are in need of assistance with suicide cleanup. Our 24 hour live help line is (888) 577-7206.

Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC's professional and courteous staff has been assisting families and loved ones in Central California since 1995. If you need assistance with crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, or any biohazard cleanup, please call our 24 hour live help line at (888) 577-7206. We provide our services for the following areas (and surrounding cities).

Inyo County
Kern County
Stanislaus County

 Crime Scene Cleanup Central California