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Our Pets Can Be an Issue!

Many people lose control of their pets and are now faced with the overwhelming task of cleaning up the room, or rooms that have become a huge litter box. This sometimes requires more than simple cleaning the carpet. Cat urine odor can be overpowering to say the least. The crystals in cat urine can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. Cat urine odor can penetrate deep into the structure and the contents of a home. Many times, cat and dog urine and feces saturation is so severe, we will need to pull up the carpet to expect the padding and subfloor. Wooden subfloors will need to be treated and sometimes even replaced. Other services involve cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing to prevent the stains and odor from returning. The full extent of damage cannot be known until the areas are inspected. No matter how big or small the problem, we can get it resolved. If you have a cat urine odor problem, pet feces, or other animal waste need, call us and we will have one of our cleaning specialists inspect your home for free.

The photos below show some of the common problems we see with pets. From urine and feces to dead or decomposed animals, there is nothing we can't handle. With 15 years experience we can quickly and effectively resolve any pet problem you may be facing. Call us if you have any questions, or you would like a free estimate. We are available 24 hours a day.

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Cat urine odor, cat feces, cat house, cat hoarding, animal hoarding, are all problems that we can address. Don't live in these conditions any longer. We can help!