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Ann Arbor Crime Scene Clean Up

Ann Arbor Crime Scene Cleanup

Suicide Cleanup | Blood Cleanup | Death Cleanup

24 Hour Crime Scene Cleanup

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Crime Scene Cleanup Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Crime Scene Clean Up

Steri-Clean of Ann Arbor is here for our clients in their time of need. There are over 600 homicides each year in Michigan, and most of them will need a proper clean up and sanitization. Ann Arbor and Eastern Michigan also sees its share of homicides, assaults, and other violence on a daily basis. What happens after the paramedics, firefighters, police and coroner leaves? Unfortunately, most people never even think about this. After a homicide, assault or trauma, the scene is left for the family or property owner to perform the blood and biohazard clean up. Most people are not emotionally or physically prepared to take on such a task. Even if they think they can do it, they may regret it. Statistically loved ones who clean up after the death of a family member, are 75% more likely to commit suicide. The emotional trauma is more than most can bare, on top of the grief they are already going through.

How can a family member or untrained person properly clean a biohazard scene and dispose of the waste legally? Find out in the next section under the Suicide Cleanup Heading. Call Steri-Clean of Ann Arbor for any biohazard clean up or crime scene cleanup need 24 hours a day. We are here to assist you in any way possible.

Suicide Clean Up Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Death Clean Up

Did you know that Michigan experiences an alarming average of more than 3.7 suicides each day, or over 1364 suicides annually? The suicide rate in Ann Arbor is just as alarming. Steri-Clean of Ann Arbors suicide cleanup service is hear when you need us most. When a loved one commits the sudden act of suicide, family members and friends are left shocked, with no way to get answers. Further traumatizing is what is left for family members to clean up. Fortunately, Steri-Clean of Ann Arbor are experts in suicide clean up and blood clean up.

If a suicide scene is cleaned by a family member of friend, dangerous pathogens could be left behind, exposing many people to diseases like Heapitits that clan lived for days or even a week of more in the right environment. The grief stricken loved ones would most definitely be further traumatized during and after the cleanup process. Steri-Clean of Ann Arbor can remove this burden from you by properly cleaning any suicide scene, and can even provide a safe to occupy certification. We are a discreet, caring, and compassionate local business that will properly and legally clean any biohazard scene, sparing you of this daunting task. Call our 24 hour suicide and crime scene cleanup hotline at (888) 577-7206, or (734) 799-8030.

Undiscovered Death Ann Arbor

Death Clean Up Ann Arbor

At Steri-Clean Ann Arbor, the most common request for our crime scene cleanup service we receive, is actually not a crime at all. Undiscovered deaths, also known as decomposition rank at the top for the most requested services throughout the year, and increase even more during Detroits season of warm summer months. When people live alone, they will unfortunately often die alone, only to be found when someone realizes they have not been heard from in some time. With nearly three quarters of a million people living alone in Michigan, you can see how this can be a common but tragic issue.

Decomposition results when the body breaks down and unfortunately can result in a lot of damage to a home. Steri-Clean of Ann Arbor will properly assess any scene involving undiscovered death and the resulting decomposition, then provide you with an estimate and plan of action to remediate the scene. The process of cleaning a decomposition typically involves removal of all saturated materials, proper disposal, and odor removal for the associated odors. Call us 24 hours a day for a free estimate (888) 577-7206.

Suicide Clean Up Michigan

Crime Scene Cleanup Ann Arbor

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